Kopke, Colheita 1965 Special Edition

1.199,00 DKK / flaske

Vin beskrivelse
Bottled 2015. Special edition bottling of two select casks from 1965.
Roy Hersh 95 points

FTLOP (Roy Hersh) (95 points):
"The bouquet offers sweeter fragrances than the 1966 although the ‘65 begins with some green notes and herbal essence of esteva, followed by dried date, unblanched almonds, ginger and caramel apple. It is medium-full, rich and intricately layered in the middle, which is ratcheted up a notch in this Colheita; while the ultra-smooth mouthfeel is almost syrupy in its concentration, (but not its structure). There is a warming edge to this Port, but it never seems spirity or hot, and the acid level is simply off the charts. The well-sculpted flavors begin with pecan, candied praline and some caramelized sugar, bolstered by tangy orange zest, sweet fig and prune that deliver the liquid evidence of this Kopke’s complexity and absolutely scrumptious aftertaste!"