DOW's Vintage 2016

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Vin beskrivelse

Richard Mayson: Outstanding wine for the long term. Score: 19/20.

Galloni 98 points
Richard Mayson 19+/20
Galloni (98 points):
"The 2016 Dow’s Vintage Port is based around the Vinha dos Ecos vineyard behind Bomfim, populated predominantly by mature Touriga Franca vines that were cropped at just 0.68kg per vine. It has a quite astonishing bouquet with layer upon layer of intense black cherry and cassis fruit, touches of clove, leather and a hint of over-ripe Satsuma. This is a mercurial bouquet that keeps changing in the glass, revealing smoky/burning ember scents with time. The palate is quite magnificent – perfectly balanced with a killer thread of acidity slicing through such pure intense black fruit that there is no heaviness at all. There is a sense of thrust on the finish as it fans out with almost careless abandon, a Vintage Port so self-assured that you can only sit back in amazement. Simply one of the best Dow’s ever made."
Richard Mayson (Dow 2016 *****):

“Great purity and expression, the drier style of Dow works well in ripe years like 2016. Outstanding wine for the long term. Score: 19/20.”

Matthew Jukes (19+/20):
"DOW’s is controlled, detailed, very fine and it rolls along on the palate for an age. Classy, dense and self-confident, this is darker-hued creation with calmness and concentration and it is a very successful wine in 2016. Score: 19+/20.”

Ligger i 6-stk. OWC.

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